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Extensive tooth damage can weaken the structure of a tooth and taint its appearance. For deeper cavities that are irreparable by fillings alone, we provide dental crowns to encase and protect them from further damage. Lifeline Dental offers high-quality, durable crowns in Houston, TX that resemble the structure of your natural teeth. Our dentists will examine your teeth to determine which type of crown will be best for you. With dental crown treatment, you can have the confidence to show off your radiant smile! Contact us today to schedule a dental checkup at our practice.

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    Dental Crown

    What Are Dental Crowns?

    They are tooth-shaped caps that cover a damaged or weakened tooth. They reinforce the remaining tooth structure and improve its functional aspects. Furthermore, they can also be used for cosmetic reasons. If you have chipped, broken, or discolored teeth that do not respond well to other treatments, we can conceal them with crowns at our Houston, TX, practice.

    Tooth decay often causes difficulty in eating, chewing, and biting. If the damage has extended to multiple teeth, it may also cause speech disturbance. Covering your teeth with dental crowns helps preserve them for long and provides great functional ease during routine activities.

    Questions About Dental Crown ?

    How Do Tooth Crowns Work?

    At our facility in Houston, TX, we provide customized crowns that match the natural shade and structure of your teeth. For this reason, we perform an initial step known as tooth preparation. In this procedure, we remove a thin layer of enamel to make room for crown placement. This process is performed under local anesthesia so you won’t feel pain, sensitivity, or discomfort.

    After tooth preparation, we will record impressions and send them to a lab. It may take a week to receive permanent crowns, so for this period, we provide temporary coverings to protect your teeth. Once the permanent ones are ready, we will permanently fix them over your teeth using dental cement. After some necessary finishing and adjustments, you are ready to walk back with a newly-transformed smile!

    They were are an impressive dental office that also provides emergency dental services. Stacey and Dr Nahhas are part of a A-1 team you can trust! Thank you so much. I appreciate you and recommend you highly!
    They performed an emergency extraction for me, rescuing me from extreme pain from an exposed nerve. They are professional, compassionate, comprehensive and good! Couldn’t ask for better service from an emergency dental visit!

    Norman Steel

    Great people in the office! Left my teeth feeling great! The dentist was very attentive to my needs and questions and answered without dismissing me. Very refreshing to have a doctor listen to your questions and give straightforward and helpful answers. I found my new regular dentist at this location.

    Cullen Maglothin

    My experience was extremely pleasant. From the front office staff & assistants to dentist himself. Everyone was very professional & understanding. I Came in for an emergency during my lunch break, I was quoted & seen the same day. Very good dentist. I will definitely be coming back with the rest of my family

    Elida Aponte

    Let me just say that I’m not one who goes to the dentist often. But when I do this is the place that I go to. The staff are very welcoming for new and existing patients. When I went I was a little nervous at first but when I got there the staff talked with me asked how my day was, told me what they planned to do in terms I understood, that sort of thing. And when I was in the chair I was in and out in no time at all and didn’t feel any pain.


    Caring For Crowns

    After receiving tooth crowns in Houston, TX, it is important to follow our dentists’ care and maintenance instructions. They require a similar level of care as your natural teeth. Brush your teeth twice a day to prevent plaque and tartar buildup. Use dental floss to clean the areas between your teeth, paying special attention to the crowned tooth. Because they are artificial, there is a higher chance of plaque accumulation, but you can prevent it with regular cleaning.

    Keep in mind that the tooth under a crown is viable and prone to dental caries, so a regular oral care regime is of utmost importance. If your crown breaks or dislodges, visit our practice immediately for repair and replacement.

    Affordable Dental Crowns in Houston, TX

    Worried about damaged teeth and looking for a permanent solution? Tooth crowns in Houston, TX, are the right choice for you. They preserve the natural teeth, improve oral functions and greatly enhance your smile aesthetics. Call us at (281) 409-3777 to schedule an appointment.

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