How Long Does Internal Tooth Bleaching Last?

Are you frustrated with your teeth? Despite your efforts with over-the-counter teeth whitening products–gels, strips, and those flashy LED kits—one tooth won’t whiten. This is a common issue, and it could be a sign that the inside of your tooth is damaged. If that’s the case, you might need internal bleaching. But how long does internal tooth bleaching last? Keep reading to find out.

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    What is Internal Bleaching?

    Internal bleaching is a teeth-whitening process that works from the inside out. Unlike external bleaching, where the whitening agent is applied to the tooth’s surface, internal bleaching places the agent inside the tooth’s pulp chamber, allowing it to lighten the tooth from within.

    Questions About How Long Does Internal Tooth Bleaching Last? ?

    When is Internal Bleaching Appropriate?

    Internal bleaching is appropriate for severely discolored dead teeth that don’t respond to traditional whitening techniques. Traditional methods should still work if a tooth is non-vital but only mildly discolored. Internal bleaching is for those with significant discoloration that need professional treatment.

    It’s important to mention “dead teeth” because the procedure requires it. Since the whitening gel is applied inside the pulp chamber, the tooth must be non-vital; otherwise, the process would cause severe pain.

    Why Do Non-Vital Teeth Discolor?

    When a tooth dies, the blood inside it starts to break down, causing it to change color. This happens because no blood is flowing through the tooth’s crown. It is similar to how dead bodies without blood–very gray.

    A dead can turn into the following colors:

    • Dark yellow
    • Grey
    • Black

    What to Expect During an Internal Bleaching Treatment?

    Internal bleaching brightens a tooth from the inside out. Here’s how the treatment normally goes:

    1. The dentist removes any decayed or dead tissue from inside the tooth.
    2. They place a bleaching agent inside the cleaned tooth.
    3. The tooth is then temporarily sealed to keep the bleach inside.
    4. The bleaching agent lightens the tooth gradually.
    5. Once the tooth reaches the desired shade of white, the dentist removes the bleaching agent.
    6. Finally, the tooth is permanently sealed to keep it clean and bright.

    The Bleaching Agents

    There are a few different bleaching agents used for internal tooth whitening:

    • Hydrogen peroxide: Often used in high concentrations of 30% or more.
    • Carbamide peroxide: A stable form of hydrogen peroxide.
    • Sodium perborate: Safer than hydrogen peroxide for internal bleaching but is not usually used for external bleaching.

    How Long Does Internal Bleaching for Teeth Last?

    Internal bleaching, like external teeth whitening, is not a permanent fix. So, while internal teeth bleaching lasts 5-7 years, a severely discolored tooth that has been that way for some time might require a follow-up bleaching session within a few days of the initial treatment.

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    In a Nutshell

    When done safely, the risks of internal teeth bleaching are minimal, and its results can last long.

    If you’re considering internal bleaching, trust our experts at Lifeline Dental. Our dedicated team is ready to help you brighten your discolored teeth. Call us now at (281) 409-3777.

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